1. Chet In Chicago (The Legacy Vol.5)
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    Chet In Chicago (The Legacy Vol.5)

    Chet Baker
    CD, ENJA - 2011
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  2. The Dresden Soul Symphony
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    The Dresden Soul Symphony

    Mdr Symphony Orchestra Feat.joy Denalane, bilal,
    CD, NESOLA - 2008
  3. There's Me And There's You
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    There's Me And There's You

    The Matthew Herbert Big Band
    CD, !K7 Records - 2008
  4. Futuristically Speaking...never be afraid
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    Futuristically Speaking...never be afraid

    Yo! Majesty
    CD, Domino - 2008
  5. Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
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    Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

    CD, Absolute - 2008
  6. Inspiration Information
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    Inspiration Information

    Amp Fiddler/Sly & Robbie
    LP (ANALOG), Strut - 2008
  7. Mondo Cherry
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    Mondo Cherry

    Jacques Palminger and the Kings of Dub Rock
    CD, Pias/Edel - 2008
  8. Oh - Ohio
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    Oh - Ohio

    CD, City Slang - 2008
  9. Tell It Like It Is
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    Tell It Like It Is

    Stephanie McKay
    CD, Muthas Of Invention - 2008
  10. Mali Koura
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    Mali Koura

    Issa Bagayogo
    CD, Six Degrees - 2008
  11. Játékok
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    György Kurtág
    CD, BMC/Extraplatte - 2006

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