Skylarking (CD/Blu-Ray-A)

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Label: Panegyric
Format: CD + Blu-ray Audio
Genre: Pop englischsprachig
Umfang: 27 Tracks
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.05.2017
Set 1
1.  Summers Cauldron  
2.  Grass  
3.  The Meeting Place  
4.  That's Really Super Supergirl  
5.  Ballet For A Rainy Day  
6.  1000 Umbrellas  
7.  Season Cycle  
8.  Earn Enough For Us  
9.  Big Day  
10.  Another Satellite  
11.  Mermaid Smiled  
12.  The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul  
13.  Dear God  
14.  Dying  
15.  Sacrifical Bonfire  
16.  Extrovert  
17.  Lets Make a Den  
18.  The Troubles  
19.  Little Lighthouse  
Set 2
1.  The new stereo album mix in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio  
2.  Four additional songs from the album sessions in stereo & 5.1 mixed by Steven Wilson  
3.  The original (uncorrected polarity) stereo album mix hi-res stereo + 1 non-album track.  
4.  The original (corrected polarity) stereo album mix in hi-res stereo.  
5.  Instrumental versions (mixed by Steven Wilson) of all new mixes in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio  
6.  A complete alternate album in demo form (as per Todd Rundgren's original suggested running order when he first heard the  
7.  Numerous additional demo & work tape sessions showing the evolution of the album & associated recordings  
8.  Promo films for "Dear God & "Grass".  

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