Der letzte Remix

A Brief History of Raubkopie
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Remixes, mashups and collages are art forms which have become a mass phenomenon through the internet. These forms of art have been discredited and marginalized as “street art” just because they do not fit into the conventional exploitation schemes. The legal boundaries for the resulting works are unclear at best or it is simply illegal. A survey at and beyond the grey area.
Meet David Wessel, aka Mashup Germany, who takes monotonous pop songs of the past to create completely new music pieces, enjoyed by thousands of excited fans. Meet media critic Stefan Niggemeier, whose blog and facebook page receive thousands of clicks a day. Meet internet artist Tobias Leingruber, developer of “Pirates of the Amazon”. Meet composer Johannes Kreidler, who by one simple act questioned the whole reasonableness of the German organization for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights GEMA. And meet producer and Berlin’s undersecretary of culture Tim Renner, attorney Till Kreutzer, journalist Dirk von Gehlen, online activist Markus Beckedahl, art professor and online artist Cornelia Sollfrank, label owner and musician Olaf Bender, collage artist Jan Kummer, economist Eckhardt Höffner, and co-founder of the Missionary Church of Kopimism Isak Gerson.

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ISBN 4058407093169
Erscheinungsdatum 27.01.2017
Umfang 84 Minuten
Genre Medien, Kommunikation/Medienwissenschaft
Format DVD
Verlag/Label Arthaus Musik
Produktion Monarda Arts GmbH
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