The Best of the 1st Iñigo Film Festival

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Sinhala with English subtitles
They are two friends. One sees life in a positive light. The other is filled with dark negative feelings. He has no real aims in life. Only his music keeps him going. They meet one day in their usual place and have a profound conversation about the spiritual side of relationships and life. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, their conversation also explores what is hidden, dark and miserable about daily living. They come to know each other better than before. They develop a spiritual attachment. With that bond, they take their lives forward. SRI LANKA. 14 MIN.
DIRECTOR / WRITER: Indrajith Mahawaduge CAST: Gayan Lakruwan, Sujith Kumara, Lahiru Madusanka
English with German subtitles
17 years ago, Grace, a messenger from the outside world was sent to earth on a routine mission. Back then, she unintentionally caused the spiritual awakening of George W. Bush that finally led him straight into the White House. Today, an urgent call causes Grace to return and try to correct her tragic mistake. In the Oval Office, the night is dark and quiet. GERMANY. 14 MIN.
DIRECTOR / WRITER: Sebastian Winkels PRODUCERS: Susann Schimk, Jörg Trentmann CAST: Megan Gay, Rolf Kanis
German / Russian with English subtitles
On a rainy night a battered taxi drifts through the streets of Berlin. Iona, a Russian immigrant, is behind the wheel. His son, Sasha, had financed the family by driving the taxi until his sudden death. Now Iona tries his best as a blundering taxi driver. But what he really wants is to find someone to talk to about his son’s death. GERMANY. 17 MIN.
DIRECTOR: Daniel Lang WRITER: Annette von der Mülbe PRODUCER: Anna Wendt CAST: Victor Choulman, Rita Breitkreitz, Jaecki Schwarz and others
Michael was born severely disabled by cerebral palsy and he requires assistance in all aspects of life. Yet Michael lives with a spirit of hope that long ago defied doctor’s expectations. He danced for the Pope at World Youth Days 2002 and continues to teach his friends what faith and life are made of. CANADA. 12 MIN.
DIRECTOR / WRITER: Deiren Masterson
Slovenian with English subtitles
Slovenia has a long tradition of making bells and composing tunes for ringing the bells. Near Ljubljana there are groups of bell ringers, who have won several bell-ringing competitions. SLOVENIA. 11 MIN.
DIRECTOR / WRITER: Sernej Kastelec CAST: Joze Mehle, Robi Mehle, Tjasa Plesko and others

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ISBN 4280000046093
Erscheinungsdatum 28.02.2007
Genre Kunst/Fotografie, Film, Video, TV
Format DVD-ROM
Verlag/Label Loyola Productions Munich
Empf. Lesealter ab 14 Jahre
Regie Sernej Kastalec, Daniel Lang, Indrajith Mahawaduge, Deiren Masterson, Sebastian Winkels
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