Destination: Architecture
The Essential Travel Guide

von Phaidon Editors

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Verlag: Phaidon
Format: Taschenbuch
Genre: Sachbücher/Kunst, Literatur/Architektur
Umfang: 560 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.11.2017

Kurzbeschreibung des Herstellers:

Tour the world’s must-see buildings from the vantage point of this definitive global guide – whether at home or on the road. Featuring 1,000 of today’s most compelling buildings by the world’s finest architects, Destination: Architecture is an unparalleled and comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to get more out of their travels. No journey, from a long weekend to a longhaul trip, would be complete without this expertly curated ’who’s who’ of the most exciting architecture in the world. Each building is illustrated with a single image and accompanied by a brief description, with addresses, websites, and opening details. It’s the best way to find and enjoy contemporary built culture on every continent.

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