Griffiths III – A Case Study Book for Practitioners

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Written by world renowned practitioners of the Griffiths Scales of Child Development, Third Edition (Griffiths III), this volume presents individual case studies to assist practitioners and trainees in making full use the Griffiths III to comprehensively assess a child’s development. Practitioners will learn about tracking and monitoring development and how to measure the impact of intervention – creating more informed decisions about the management and placement of the child.
Two introductory chapters examine the Griffiths III as a child development assessment tool, looking in detail at its psychometric properties and how to use the test to interpret, plan, and understand a child’s performance as well as the child’s strengths and challenges. Grouped according to five color zones for ease of reading, 15 case studies are presented for children with a wide range of abilities and from 10 different countries. The book is based on four conceptual frameworks: the ICF-CY, ESSENCE, the link between function and intervention, and Ruth Griffith’s Avenues of Learning theory. Throughout the examples, the perspective of the child is placed at the center and their voices are included in the plans described. Key concepts, points of importance, and questions for the reader are included at the end of each chapter.
The book is aimed at practitioners of the Griffiths III, but it is also of interest to a wider range of developmental practitioners, including child psychologists, child psychiatrists, pediatricians, and child psychotherapists.

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ISBN 9780889375918
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 22.08.2022
Umfang 216 Seiten
Genre Psychologie
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Hogrefe Publishing
Herausgegeben von Louise Stroud, Elizabeth Green
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