Journal of the International Society for the Rorschach
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Thought-provoking contributions from the world of the Rorschach – including a special section exploring new insights from other
disciplines for Rorschach users
This latest volume of Rorschachiana illustrates the diversity of ideas and applications that projective methods offer. In a general section, researchers look at what affect emotional subliminal priming has on the Rorschach response as well as investigate how and in what settings the Rorschach is used internationally. In a unique case study, the Rorschach data of a patient with psychosis is coded and analyzed by clinicians using three different approaches. A historical overview is presented examining the research exploring the relationship between color and emotions.

In a special section, the editors present the keynote speech from the Geneva Congress exploring what the Rorschach Test is with the aim of promoting a common language amongst Rorschach user and nonusers. Further contributions explore new insights from other
disciplines that are of interest for users of the Rorschach, including a groundbreaking application of the Bayesian model of the mind to the Rorschach® Test, an examination of the impact of the lateralization process on Rorschach responses, and a summary of the psychological functions and processes connected with skin contact in children and adults.

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ReiheYearbook of the International Rorschach Society
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