Environmental Micropaleontology

The Application of Microfossils to Environmental Geology
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Foreword; S.J. Culver. Preface; R.E. Martin. Introduction; R.E. Martin. Part I: Baseline Studies of Foraminifera. 1. When does environmental variability become environmental change? The proxy record of benthic foraminifera; J.W. Murray. 2. Distribution trends of foraminiferal assemblages in paralic environments: a base for using foraminifera as bioindicators; J.-P. Debenay, et al. Part II: Water Quality in Modern Marginal Marine and Freshwater Environments. A: Foraminifera. 3. Benthic foraminifera as bioindicators of heavy metal pollution: a case study from the Goro Lagoon (Italy); R. Coccioni. 4. Impact of anthropogenic environmental change on larger foraminifera, Tarawa Atoll, Kiribati, South Pacific; M.T. Ebrahim. 5. Larger foraminifers as indicators of coral-reef vitality; P. Hallock. B: Ostracoda. 6. Ostracoda in detection of sewage discharge in Pacific Atoll; S.H. Eager. 7. Ostracodes as indicators of river pollution in northern Israel; A. Rosenfeld, et al. 8. Ostracoda as indicators of conditions and dynamics of marine ecosystems; E.I. Schornikov, et al. Part III: Physiological Responses of Foraminifera to Pollution. 9. Environmental variation and foraminiferal test abnormalities; E. Geslin, et al. 10. Chemical ecology of foraminifera: parameters of health, environmental pathology, and assessment of environmental quality; V.M. Bresler, V. Yanko-Hombach. Part IV: Disturbance and Recovery Through Time. A: Arcellacea (Thecoamoebians). 11. Use of Arcellacea (thecamoebians) to gauge levels of contamination and remediation in industrially polluted lakes; R.T. Patterson, A. Kumar. B: Diatoms. 12. Sedimentary diatoms and chysophytes as indicators of lakewater quality in North America; S.S. Dixit, J.P. Smol. C: Dinoflagellates. 13. Dinoflagellate cysts as indicators of cultural eutrophication and industrial pollution in coastal sediments; B. Dale. D: Foraminifera. 14. Environmental strategraphy: a case study reconstructing bottom water oxygen conditions in Frierfjord, Norway, over the past five centuries; E. Alve. 15. Foraminifera of storm-generated washover fans: implications for determining storm frequency in relation to sediment supply and barrier island evolution, Folly Island, South Carolina; S.P. Hippensteel, R.E. Martin. 16. Benthic foraminiferal distributions in south Florida: analogues to historical changes; S.E. Ishman. 17. Variation in natural versus anthropogenic eutrophication of shelf areas in front of major rivers; G.J. van der Zwaan. Part V: Aquifers and Engineering. A: Dinoflagellates. 18. Establishing a hydrostratigraphic fromework using palynology: an example from the Savannah River site, South Carolina, U.S.A.; R.S. Van Pelt, et al. B: Foraminifera. 19. Construction of the Thames barrier: an application of micropalaeontology to the solution of an environmental problem; M.B. Hart.

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