Even More Piano Trios

Easy Repertoire for Violin, Cello & Piano (incl. CD)
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The purpose of this book is to give beginning musicians the opportunity to play together. Elementary piano players have few opportunities of being part of an ensemble which is both inspirational and fun. It will help develop aural awareness and other ensemble playing skills which can, all too often, be found lacking in performers who most frequently play and practise solo. These trios are playable by any player with 2-3 years’ experience. Titles: Foreign Lands * Playing Tag * Milonga * Village Dance *Djibouti Spring

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ISBN 9781470613020
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.12.2017
Umfang 22 Seiten
Genre Musik/Instrumentenunterricht
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Alfred Music Publishing Company