Agile Visualization with Pharo

Crafting Interactive Visual Support Using Roassal
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Use the Pharo interactive development environment to significantly reduce the cost of creating interactive visualizations. This book shows how Pharo leverages visualization development against traditional frameworks and toolkits.Agile Visualization with Pharo focuses on the Roassal visualization engine and first presents the basic and necessary tools to visualize data, including an introduction to the Pharo programming language. Once you’ve grasped the basics, you’ll learn all about the development environment offered by Roassal. The book provides numerous ready-to-use examples. You’ll work on several applications, including visualizing the training phase of reinforcement learning (a powerful machine learning algorithm) and generating software visualizations from GitHub. This book covers aspects that are relevant for engineers and academics to successfully design and implement interactive visualizations.
What You Will LearnImplement agile data visualization using the Pharo programming languageChart, plot, and curve using GrapherBuild and draw graphs using MondrianImplement reinforcement learning (Q-Learning, from scratch) and use visualizations to monitor learning and state explorationUse GitHub Action to generate software visualizations (UML class diagram, test coverage) at each commit 
Who This Book Is For
Programmers with some prior exposure to data visualization and computer vision who may be new to the Pharo programming language. This book is also for those with some Pharo experience looking to apply it to data visualization. 

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ISBN 9781484271605
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Genre Informatik, EDV/Programmiersprachen
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