Beginning 3D Game Assets Development Pipeline

Learn to Integrate from Maya to Unity
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This project-based tutorial covers the creation of 3D assets in a game engine, from concept to implementation. You will learn the 3D pipeline using Maya and Substance Painter, which are industry-standard programs used for content creation in game development. You also will know how to add them and work with them in Unity.The book begins with an overall look at the production of game development and the different roles in creating assets. Then, starting with Maya, you learn how to start with a concept and take it through the entire production pipeline: base mesh, UV mapping, high poly, texturing, rigging, and animation. You will be working on one asset project throughout the entire book to understand how one phase leads to the next one. Lastly, you will cover asset placement and integration into Unity.

What You Will Learn

Build a thorough knowledge of the 3D game asset production workflow
Understand how each phase leads up to the next one
Know how 3D assets are implemented into Unity
Texture, rig, and animate the 3D model
Export and import the 3D asset or model
Understand the iterative design process

Who This Book Is For

3D artists, from beginners to specialists, who are interested in learning the 3D production pipeline of game assets as a whole

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Ausgabe 1st ed.
Erscheinungsdatum 05.12.2021
Umfang 315 Seiten
Genre Informatik, EDV/Informatik
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