Building an Effective Data Science Practice

A Framework to Bootstrap and Manage a Successful Data Science Practice
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Gain a deep understanding of data science and the thought process needed to solve problems in that field using the required techniques, technologies and skills that go into forming an interdisciplinary team. This book will enable you to set up an effective team of engineers, data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders that can collaborate effectively on crucial aspects such as problem formulation, execution of experiments, and model performance evaluation.
You’ll start by delving into the fundamentals of data science – classes of data science problems, data science techniques and their applications – and gradually build up to building a professional reference operating model for a data science function in an organization. This operating model covers the roles and skills required in a team, the techniques and technologies they use, and the best practices typically followed in executing data science projects.

Building an Effective Data Science Practice provides a common base of reference knowledge and solutions, and addresses the kinds of challenges that arise to ensure your data science team is both productive and aligned with the business goals from the very start. Reinforced with real examples, this book allows you to confidently determine the strategic answers to effectively align your business goals with the operations of the data science practice.
What You’ll Learn 

Transform business objectives into concrete problems that can be solved using data science

Evaluate how problems and the specifics of a business drive the techniques and model evaluation guidelines used in a project

Build and operate an effective interdisciplinary data science team within an organization

Evaluating the progress of the team towards the business RoI

Understand the important regulatory aspects that are applicable to a data science practice 

Who This Book Is For

Technology leaders, data scientists, and project managers 

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ISBN 9781484274187
Ausgabe 1st ed.
Erscheinungsdatum 09.12.2021
Umfang 368 Seiten
Genre Informatik, EDV/Informatik
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