Beginning iOS Game Center and GameKit

For iOS, tvOS, and MacOS
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Create fun and polished games and gamify your apps with GameKit and Game Center. This fully updated new edition of Kyle Richter’s classic can help you reach new customers through social integrations, multiplayer, and achievements. Quickly add a level of polish to your apps that used to take weeks of hard work and late nights.Implementing a leaderboard and achievement system has never been so simple! Gone are the days of writing and maintaining your own server. You'll also see how to easily add advanced networking concepts like VoIP support in hours, not days. Game Center is heavily pushed and promoted by Apple. By adding Game Center into your game, not only do you gain access to polished and professional features but your app will see a boost in downloads and sharing.Expeditiously implement a plethora of advanced social networking concepts into your apps. Create custom Game Center Manager classes that can be rapidly deployed into any of your new or existing projects. And jump right over pitfalls commonly encountered by new and experienced Game Center developers. Become a Game Center development champ!
What You'll Learn

Build a reusable Game Center manager class that can be quickly used in future projects

Integrate Game Kit and Game Center leaderboards and Achievements into your project

Add real time and turned based multiplayer functionality to your game

Implement a real time voice chat system

Who This Book Is For

Experienced developers who already have a basic understanding of iOS development but haven’t yet had a chance to work with GameKit technology will benefit from this book. 

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ISBN 9781484277553
Ausgabe 2nd ed.
Erscheinungsdatum 04.12.2021
Umfang 301 Seiten
Genre Informatik, EDV/Betriebssysteme, Benutzeroberflächen
Format Taschenbuch
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