PHP 8 Basics

For Programming and Web Development
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Take advantage of PHP 8's powerful features to create basic web applications, solve code tests (required for most job interviews nowadays), and begin moving towards more advanced PHP concepts. This book provides an introduction to PHP 8, including modules, attributes, JIT compiler, and union types, as well as related frameworks such as Symfony.
You will explore fundamental PHP concepts through both practical and hands-on examples. You'll not only gain a solid understanding of PHP fundamentals, but will also be prepared to handle new concepts and technologies as they emerge.
After working through the book and its associated demo code, you will be able to build your first basic web application.

What You Will Learn

Develop web applications with PHP 8
Use Vagrant, Docker, JSON API and more
Work with data, form data, arrays, objections, exceptions, regex, and more
Utilize PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony

Who This Book Is For

Those new to PHP 8 or PHP in general. Some prior experience in web development and DB handling is recommended.

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