A Software Engineer’s Guide to Seniority

A Guide to Technical Leadership
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There are few books in the market that talk about the effort within and outside of the job that helps software engineers advance in their careers. This book is a truthful and introspective look at technical careers and a consolidation of that information and advice for engineers that are looking to elevate their career to the senior level. While charting a path to becoming a senior software engineer you'll study how to handle the obligations and complexities involved in that role. While most of the software engineer job is exploratory and involves learning new things nearly every day, this book will show you how to be a manager, a leader, and to achieve seniority in your tech role. From learning how to optimize your resume to knowing how to interview for positions on your team to helping your team grow and develop their own skills and career, this is a book that all software engineers need. 
What You'll Learn

Optimize your resume for applications
Standard tips for interviewing in software engineer positions
Become a mentor and leader at your job

Who This Book Is For

Entry to mid-level software engineers working in a corporate environment

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