Beginning Go Programming

Build Reliable and Efficient Applications with Go
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Understand and write programs in Go, a multi-paradigm language with built-in features for concurrent programming. This book enables developers to build software that is simple, reliable, and efficient. It'll also help beginners to start programming Go-based applications.
Beginning Go Programming begins by explaining the programming fundamentals of the Go language, including basic syntax, data type and structures, and the use of functions and methods. Next, it covers string formatting, Unicode data handling, and how to use regular expressions in Go. Further, it discusses how to encode and decode JSON formatted data for Go applications, and how to work with HTTP in Go. It concludes by exploring concurrency and covering the most powerful features of Go, as well as tips and tricks related to it. After reading this book and working through its practical examples, you will be ready to begin programming your own Go-based applications.
What You Will Learn

Understand the fundamentals of the Go programming language
Master the different features of Go and how to implement real-life scenarios using the language
Work with text in Go, such as string formatting and Unicode data handling
Work with HTTP in Go

Who This Book Is ForProgrammers and developers looking to learn Go programming language concepts for efficient application building. 

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