IBM Software Systems Integration

With IBM MQ Series for JMS, IBM FileNet Case Manager, and IBM Business Automation Workflow
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Examine the working details for real-world Java programs used for system integration with IBM Software, applying various API libraries (as used by Banking and Insurance companies). This book includes the step-by-step procedure to use the IBM FileNet Case Manager 5.3.3 Case Builder solution and the similar IBM System, IBM Business Automation Workflow to create an Audit System. 
You'll learn how to implement the workflow with a client Java Message Service (JMS) java method developed with Workflow Custom Operations System Step components. Using IBM Cognos Analytics Version 11.2, you'll be able to create new views for IBM Case Manager Analytics for custom time dimensions. The book also explains the SQL code and procedures required to create example Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes with multi-level time dimensions for IBM Case Manager analytics.

IBM Software Systems Integration features the most up to date systems software procedures using tested API calls.

What You Will Learn

Review techniques for generating custom IBM JMS code
Create a new custom view for a multi-level time dimension

See how a java program can provide the IBM FileNet document management API calls for content store folder and document replication
Configure Java components for content engine events

Who This Book Is For
IT consultants, Systems and Solution Architects.

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