Pro .NET on Amazon Web Services

Guidance and Best Practices for Building and Deployment
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This book provides in-depth guidance and best practices for .NET developers new to working with Amazon Web Services. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, and this book will help you choose from, and use, its extensive collection of cloud services when developing and hosting your .NET applications in the cloud.  
Pro .NET on Amazon Web Services focuses on the building and deployment of .NET applications on AWS.  It demonstrates best practices and provides prescriptive guidance around moving existing .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET 5+ applications to AWS. It also offers directions on building new, distributed, and reliable cloud-native applications.  You will learn how to take advantage of the various tools available from AWS to build and deploy .NET-based applications. You will also be shown how to take advantage of different AWS services, including various execution platforms and databases that can help your .NET applications to achieve the reliability and scalability that AWS is known for.
What You Will Learn

Develop and deploy Microsoft .NET applications on the Amazon Web Services platform
Take advantage of the various free tools AWS offers for developing and deploying cloud applications
Choose the correct compute service on which to host your application
Choose the right database from the many options that AWS offers
Make AWS service calls from within .NET applications
Secure .NET applications using best practices around AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Migrate existing .NET applications to the AWS platform and take advantage of the services offered
Build modern .NET applications using advanced AWS services

Who This Book Is For

.NET developers seeking to take advantage of the breadth and depth of functionality in the AWS cloud, as well as developers who, whether new to cloud applications or experienced in the cloud, face challenges in understanding and applying the breadth and depth of services available from AWS when choosing to develop and host their applications. It will also be useful for those interested in extending their application’s functionality through calling AWS services from within their applications, and who want to apply best practices for building and securing modern distributed .NET applications in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

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