Introduction to Java Through Game Development

Learn Java Programming Skills by Working with Video Games
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Interested in learning how to program with Java? Let’s face it, the best way to learn to program is by writing programs. This can be a daunting proposition with the specter of hours of simple command line example programs hanging over your head. Fear not! Now you can learn to program in Java in a fun way by working on video games. With this book, you’ll get to work with three Java game projects and have access to the complete game code for each project, including a full Java game engine. After completing Introduction to Java through Game Development, you’ll be proficient in Java programming, having worked with the language’s fundamental aspects throughout the text, and will be ready to further your Java and game programming expertise with confidence.

What You'll

Master the fundamentals of the Java programming language
Use different data structures like arrays, lists, stacks, and queues
Understand game programming basics including the main game loop
Gain experience working with three different game projects via the book’s coding challenges
Work with the 2D game engine that powers the book's included games and learn to create your own new game projects
Understand advanced Java topics like classes, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
Work with exceptions and how to use debugging techniques to trace through code
Sharpen your skills with over a dozen coding challenges that test your abilities with a development task on a real game project

Who This Book Is For
This book requires little to no programming experience to understand and benefit from the text.

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