Middle Ear and Mastoid Surgery

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Prepare for any middle ear surgery with this procedure-oriented text!
From simple myringoplasty to cochlear implantation, this up-to-date reference covers virtually all middle ear and mastoid surgeries, and is the first text of its kind organized by operative procedure, rather than by anatomy or disease. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific surgery, allowing specialists to use the book as a quick reference or refresher when needed. Plus, more than 200 crisp, meticulously labeled illustrations pinpoint the ear’s complex anatomy.
Key features:
- Organized by operative procedure for quick and authoritative reference or as a refresher before surgery
- More than 200 beautifully drawn illustrations demonstrate every point
- Includes common as well as rare otologic diseases
- Multiple techniques for each procedure
- Every chapter written by a recognized worldwide expert
The easy-to-use book is the reference of choice for specialists preparing for surgery. It is also ideal for residents who need an accessible textbook of modern otological techniques. With succinct coverage of every important middle ear and mastoid surgical procedure, this is the right-hand tool to have in the operating room, and a cornerstone of every otolaryngologist’s library.

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ISBN 9781588901736
Sprache Englisch
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Format Hardcover
Verlag Thieme Medical Publishers
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