Endovascular Management of Ischemic Stroke

A Case-Based Approach
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A case-based guide to the interventional management of stroke from leading international experts!
Stroke is the most prevalent cerebrovascular emergency, impacting an estimated 15 million people worldwide every year. Endovascular treatment (EVT) of ischemic stroke has expanded at an unforeseen pace, with EVT the most common neurointerventional procedure performed at most large centers. Endovascular Management of Ischemic Stroke: A Case-Based Approach by renowned stroke pioneer Vitor Mendes Pereira and distinguished co-editors features contributions from a "who's who" of global experts. This practical resource provides straightforward guidance for clinicians who need to learn and master state-of-the-art endovascular interventions reflecting the new, evidenced-based treatment paradigm for acute stroke.
This carefully crafted reference takes readers on a journey from the early building blocks that led to modern stroke interventions to meticulous step-by-step descriptions of the latest approaches. Fifty high-yield cases mirror real-life scenarios trainees and professionals are likely to encounter in clinical practice. Seven sections encompass a full spectrum of diverse patient presentations, anatomical variations, advanced techniques, complex pathologies, complications, and stroke mimics.
Key Highlights
Discussion of emerging techniques likely to stand the test of time such as SAVE, ARTS, transradial access, and transcarotid accessStroke mimics important for differential diagnoses, including hemiplegic migraine, MELAS, RCVS, seizure, and moreAn appendix that covers fundamental terms, trials, and tools
This cutting-edge resource is essential reading for trainee and early-career interventionalists, as well as seasoned practitioners in interventional radiology, neuroradiology, endovascular neurosurgery, and interventional neurology.
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