America’s Best Trails

The Most Beautiful Places to Run
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Running isn’t only good for your body; it can be good for your soul as well; especially if you’re running outdoors on some of America’s most beautiful running trails. Jeff Galloway, author of the bestselling running instruction book in North America, and his son Brennan present some of their favorite and most scenic places to run or walk in the United States.
This list includes places in almost all of the 50 states, divided geographically from West to East. Each route has directions to the trail head and special instructions to enjoy the area. Beautiful pictures of the scenery and historical facts of the area or trail round out each listing.
While most of the routes are places to run anytime, America’s Best Trails also includes running events, such as the Big Sur International and the Big Wild Life Run.
To prepare you for your runs, Jeff Galloway includes tips on training for trail running, dealing with elevation, running uphill and downhill, terrain issues, and endurance. Time-tested suggestions for choosing footwear, clothing, drinks, and energy snacks are also provided.
America’s Best Trails is a running book, a travel book and more—it’s an inspiration for every runner and walker!

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