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This book contains a detailed description of the various processes involved in converting a photograph into a photogravure, taking into account the use of materials available today. The first part of the book explains in detail the principle of photogravure, historical notes, materials needed, workshop equipment, as well as all the necessary steps for the production of a photogravure. In summary, in the chapters describing the respective procedures, there is a brief guide at the end with information on possible sources of error. The second part contains the description of different noble printing techniques such as carborundum, soot and pigment printing, which can be combined with photogravure. Furthermore, the reader receives detailed construction plans for necessary equipment as well as instructions for the production of materials used in photogravure.

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ISBN 9783000724862
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 17.06.2022
Umfang 256 Seiten
Genre Kunst/Fotografie, Film, Video, TV
Format Buch
Verlag Atelier Gary Krüger
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