Critical Stability of Quantum Few-Body Systems

International Workshop Dresden, Germany, October 16-20, 2017
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This book is based on the presentations and discussions during the International Workshop “Critical Stability of Quantum Few-Body Systems,” held during the MPIPKS, Dresden, Germany, October 16-20, 2017.The Workshop provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussing advances in diverse areas of few-body physics, as well as cross-boundary aspects.This topical issue with experimental and theoretical articles covers a wide range of topics, including: Efimov physics, cold atoms of various mixtures of bosons and fermions, nuclear physics, corrections to universal features from finite range effects, hadronic physics and low dimensional physics. The participants are top level researchers and in addition contributors not participating in the workshop have been invited to contribute their papers. Given its breadth of coverage, the book will be of interest to a broad readership, who have in common their use of concepts pertaining to quantum few-body physics.

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