Intercultural Mediation and Conflict Management Training

A Guide for Professionals and Academics
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This book introduces the topic of intercultural mediation and conflict management. Based on the latest scientific research and successful conflict management practices, it provides theoretical insights and practical, self-reflective exercises, role-plays and case studies on conflict, mediation, intercultural mediation, and solution-finding in conflict mediation. The book serves both as a self-learning tool to expand personal competences and cultural sensitivity, and as training material for seminars, workshops, secondary, advanced and higher education and vocational training. It is a valuable contribution to the fields of intercultural conflict mediation and conflict management, intercultural communication, intercultural training and coaching.

This is a book about practicing – the applied practice of competent conflict crafts in diverse intercultural contexts.  Conflict practitioners, mediators, and intercultural trainers would be inspired by Professor Claude-Hélène Mayer’s creative integration of relevant intercultural models with do-able conflict strategies and in reaching intergroup harmony with reflexivity and cultural resonance.

--- Professor Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies, California State University at Fullerton, USA, and Co-Editor of The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Communication, 2e

Given the difficulty and complexity of successful intercultural collaboration and conflict mediation, this is a much-needed addition to cross-cultural positive psychology. It is rich in content and training. I highly recommend it for teaching, corporate training, and for executive coaches.

--- Professor Paul T.P. Wong, President International Network on Personal Meaning and President Meaning-Centered Counselling Institute, Toronto, Canada

Intercultural conflict resolution is a critically important task in this modern world. This book by Professor Mayer is a welcome handbook on how to use mediation to resolve those conflicts. It should be in the library of every conflict mediator. My congratulations to Professor Mayer for her important work.

--- Dan Landis, Founding President, International Academy of Intercultural Research, Affiliate Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii 

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