Engineers in Western Europe: Ascent—and Decline?

A Profession Torn Between Technology and Economy, 1850–1990, with Outlooks to the Present
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In his book, pending between history and sociology, on engineers in thirteen countries of the western part of Europe, Professor Rolf Torstendahl approaches the development from around 1850 up to the present situation from different angles.
- One examines the educational patterns and the author shows how widely different types of formation of engineers existed in Britain, France and Germany in the early period. They were paradigmatic for other countries. Differences remain but patterns have gradually become similar.
- From another angle the author makes professional organisations of engineers a main object of study, and they vary from alumni associations to powerful lobby organisations.
- A third approach in the book is to examine engineers versus sociological theories of professionalism on the one hand and theories of managerialism on the other. In the last chapter the author also discusses topics like technocracy and the responsibility of engineers.

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Ausgabe 1st ed. 2021
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