Renewing Cities with Value Capture Planning

Model for Achieving Equitable Housing, Public and Open Spaces, and Sustainable Transport
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The book offers a model for city development and renewal based on land value capture (called ‘value capture’). Firstly, a review is presented of cities around the world that are currently using value capture. From these city examples the author shows how any state, city or regional government can adopt value capture policies. Looking at recent events the author reviews the implications of the coronavirus pandemic (2020) for future planning (including value capture) of cities and regions (particularly noting healthy cities planning).
The development of a value capture planning (VCP) model is then outlined. The basis of the model is reflected in its planning components, being: Housing (affordable, social and market housing); Public and Open Spaces (natural areas, open spaces and public spaces); and, Sustainable Transport (rail, bus, and active transport). The VCP model is devised to provide an economic and planning tool that can be utilised in addressing each of these planning components. This tool includes data entry tables and explanations of how these tables are applied.  
Four case study cities (within Australia) currently undergoing renewal are selected for the model to be applied to. The areas were chosen to represent contrasting urban settings and types of development and renewal, including: inner city, middle ring city; growth centre city; and, regional capital city. The current (2020) active renewal programs within these areas include (city in brackets): Central to Eveleigh Renewal Area (CERA) (City of Sydney); Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor (SBURC) (Canterbury Bankstown City); Gosford City Centre Revitalisation (GCCR) area (Gosford City); and, Newcastle City Renewal Area (NCRA) (Newcastle City).
The reader is walked through (graphically) the backgrounds of these case study cities, including geography, development trends and details of renewal plans. Conclusions on the VCP model application are outlined for each study area (within that chapter) and for the cumulative results across all study areas (final chapter). With these conclusions, the application of the model to any city or region anywhere in the world is outlined.
Finally, on a practical level the reader would be interested in how value capture is administered through programs (including the roles of government, developers and the community). Summing up, the book offers the reader an understanding of current city planning and the tools (like value capture) that will be required for future planning.

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Ausgabe 1st ed. 2021
Erscheinungsdatum 12.01.2022
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Genre Geowissenschaften/Geografie
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