Breast & Gynecological Diseases

Role of Imaging in the Management
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This book is primarily a symptom-based guide to Breast and Gynecologic Imaging. Most clinical publications focus on a specific pathology such as "Imaging and/or management of ovarian cancer," but in clinical practice, patients do not present with a diagnosis. Physicians are presented with clinical symptoms, and appropriate use of imaging after a clinical assessment is critical from the point of view of effective intervention to treat a patient. CMS now mandates a clinical decision support system to justify imaging. This is based on making use of appropriate modalities for specific clinical problems that are deemed so by professional society guidelines. In an era of emphasis on cost effective, high quality health care delivery, it is critical for clinicians in training and practice to have a resource that outlines scientifically sound and professional society endorsed criteria for appropriate work up of patients’ symptoms. 
This book applies this symptom-based approach to women’s health. Authors are focused on providing a scientifically proven resource to gynecologists, obstetricians, radiologists and internists involved in the management of common symptoms affecting women. Each chapter is based on a common breast or gynecological problem and how patients are triaged for imaging. The implications of the findings and the most appropriate management of the patient are also presented. The text focuses on providing the most effective methods currently available to investigate commonly encountered symptoms in women’s health. In addition, there are chapters that outline rationale of screening for breast cancer in women with an average risk and those with an elevated risk for breast cancer as well as a clinician guide to understanding multidisciplinary approach to the Breast cancer patient.
This is an ideal guide for gynecologists, obstetricians, radiologists, and internists working in women’s health.

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