Operative Brachial Plexus Surgery

Clinical Evaluation and Management Strategies
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Fully illustrated and enhanced with accompanying video clips, this comprehensive text presents the clinical evaluation and management of brachial plexus injuries and reconstruction, both for adult patients and birth injuries. Divided into two main sections, part one covers adult brachial plexus injuries, discussing the relevant anatomy and biology, epidemiology, and associated injuries. The main focus, however, is on diagnosis – the clinical exam as well as neurodiagnostic and radiographic evaluation – and surgical management approaches and techniques, including nerve grafting and transfers, tendon and muscle transfers, and joint fusion. Related topics are presented in chapters on sensory reinnervation, neuropathic pain management, the role of amputation and prosthetics, and pre- and post-surgical therapy protocols. Brachial plexus birth injury is described in part two, also focusing mainly on diagnosis and management but with an emphasis on the fact that babies are not small adults and special considerations are warranted. This section concludes with chapters on the management of late complications and long-term sequelae.
A comprehensive surgical text on brachial plexus injuries has not been previously attempted. Filling a large gap in the literature, Operative Brachial Plexus Surgery is the go-to resource for adult and birth related brachial plexus reconstruction for orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastics surgeons, and their trainees.

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