THz Communications

Paving the Way Towards Wireless Tbps
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This book describes the fundamentals of THz communications, spanning the whole range of applications, propagation and channel models, RF transceiver technology, antennas, baseband techniques, and networking interfaces. The requested data rate in wireless communications will soon reach from 100 Gbit/s up to 1 Tbps necessitating systems with ultra-high bandwidths of several 10s of GHz which are available only above 200 GHz. In the last decade, research at these frequency bands has made significant progress, enabling mature experimental demonstrations of so-called THz communications, which are thus expected to play a vital role in future wireless networks. In addition to chapters by leading experts on the theory, modeling, and implementation of THz communication technology, the book also features the latest experimental results and addresses standardization and regulatory aspects.  This book will be of interest to both academic researchers and engineers in the telecommunications industry. 

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