Managing Engineered Assets

Principles and Practical Concepts
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This textbook deals with engineering, science, technical, legal, financial, ICT, logistics and people management topics necessary for managing engineered assets such as all man-made tools, gadgets, buildings, equipment, machines, infrastructure, large-scale physical and industrial facilities and systems which pervade all sectors of industry. By coalescing concepts, principles, practices, and practical issues from the relevant multi-disciplines, the book addresses the body of knowledge required for managing engineered assets in the 4IR and Society 5.0 era and beyond.The book is written for:Scholars and students who intend to strengthen or acquire knowledge about the concepts, principles, and practice of managing engineered assets;Managers of engineered assets in both the public and private sectors who aim to improve asset management practice for their organisational purposes and missions;Policymakers and regulators in order to improve policymaking, governance, assessment and evaluation frameworks on the management of engineered assets;The broader audience concerned about the sustainable management of engineered assets that constitute our built environment and provide the means for industry and livelihood.

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