The Science of Congregation Studies

Searching for Signs of Growth
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During the past two decades, the Science of Congregation Studies has blossomed significantly in the UK, as well as within the USA and Australia. In this illuminating and thought-provoking volume, Leslie J. Francis’ research group draws on the Signs of Growth Survey conducted throughout the Anglican Diocese of Southwark to illustrate how the strength of combined qualitative and quantitative research methods can draw on the insights of psychological theory, sociological theory, and empirical theology to illuminate pressing questions of relevance to the sociology of religion, psychology of religion, practical theology and pastoral studies. Individual chapters discuss the missing generation of young people, the greying generation aged seventy and over, how occasional churchgoers express belonging and commitment, connections between psychological type and religious motivation, and the distinctive characteristics of growing congregations.

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ISBN 9783030761097
Sprache Englisch
Ausgabe 1st ed. 2021
Erscheinungsdatum 08.12.2022
Umfang 352 Seiten
Genre Religion, Theologie/Christentum
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Verlag Springer International Publishing
Herausgegeben von Leslie J. Francis, David W. Lankshear