Springer Handbook of Semiconductor Devices

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This Springer Handbook comprehensively covers the topic of semiconductor devices, embracing all aspects from theoretical background to fabrication, modeling, and applications.
Nearly 100 leading scientists from industry and academia were selected to write the handbook's chapters, which were conceived for professionals and practitioners, material scientists, physicists and electrical engineers working at universities, industrial R&D, and manufacturers.
Starting from the description of the relevant technological aspects and fabrication steps, the handbook proceeds with a section fully devoted to the main conventional semiconductor devices like, e.g., bipolar transistors and MOS capacitors and transistors, used in the production of the standard integrated circuits, and the corresponding physical models. In the subsequent chapters, the scaling issues of the semiconductor-device technology are addressed, followed by the description of novel concept-based semiconductor devices. The last section illustrates the numerical simulation methods ranging from the fabrication processes to the device performances.
Each chapter is self-contained, and refers to related topics treated in other chapters when necessary, so that the reader interested in a specific subject can easily identify a personal reading path through the vast contents of the handbook.

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