Electroporation in Veterinary Oncology Practice

Electrochemotherapy and Gene Electrotransfer for Immunotherapy
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This is the first edited collection on veterinary applications of electroporation. Written by an international team of experts, this book presents worldwide emerging therapy options for cancer treatments in veterinary oncology practice.Electroporation offers a precision tool to target cancer cells without destroying surrounding tissue structures. The opening of tumor cell membranes facilitates local control of solid tumors either through the delivery of chemotherapeutics or by direct ablation of tissues using electric fields. In addition, transfer of gene-based products into the cancer cells can be used for genetic vaccination to achieve systemic responses and cancer control.Readers will discover valuable reference texts for practitioner education, including chapters on electrodes for unique anatomical access and treatment planning for deep-seated tumors, different immunotherapy applications with gene electrotransfer, calcium electroporation, irreversible electroporation applications and combinations with other common treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.Therapy options with electroporation are gaining interest around the world in both human and veterinary oncology, making this book valuable for oncologists, surgeons, primary care veterinarians, residents, interns and students at veterinary schools, where teaching of Electrochemotherapy will become part of the curriculum.

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