Promote the Vote

Positioning Social Workers for Action
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This timely, relevant text is a comprehensive compendium of critical information about voting in the United States. It frames voting as an integral aspect of social work practice and provides concrete suggestions for how students can increase their involvement in expanding voter participation by marginalized groups.
This book:

Examines the current social and political context 
Introduces multiple perspectives on why voting matters
Presents a brief history of voting rights in the United States
Explains the nuts and bolts of campaigns and elections
Discusses who votes and who doesn’t, how people vote, and why
Describes voter suppression tactics and identifies obstacles facing low-turnout groups
Highlights strategies to expand voter participation
Provides concrete examples of how students can help maximize voter participation
Explores how voter engagement intersects with social work at all levels of professional practice

The only social work textbook devoted entirely to the topic of voting, Promote the Vote: Positioning Social Workers for Action is the ideal supplement for classes in social welfare policy, policy practice, human rights, and social justice. Filled with research findings, practical information, and case examples, this book provides social work students and professionals with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to engage clients and their communities in the electoral process. With voting rights quickly becoming a flashpoint in the struggle for equity and justice, now is the perfect time for this valuable resource.

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