Media and the Dissemination of Fear

Pandemics, Wars and Political Intimidation
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This book offers a diachronical and inter-/transmedia approach to the relationship of media and fear in a variety of geographical and cultural settings. This allows for an in-depth understanding of the media’s role in pandemics, wars and other crises, as well as in political intimidation. The book assembles chapters from a variety of authors, focusing on the relation between media and fear in the West, the Middle East, the Arab World and China. Besides its geographical and cultural diversity, the volume also takes a long-term perspective, bringing together cases from transforming media environments which span over a century. The book establishes a strong and historically persistent nexus between media and fear, which finds ever-new forms with new media but always follows similar logics.

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ReiheGlobal Transformations in Media and Communication Research - A Palgrave and IAMCR Series
ISBN 9783030849917
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Ausgabe 1st ed. 2022
Erscheinungsdatum 05.12.2022
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