Socialization, Moral Judgment, and Action

A Sociological Dual-Process Model of Outcomes
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How does culture affect action? This question has long been framed in terms of a means vs ends debate—in other words, do cultural ends or cultural means play a primary causal role in human behavior? However, the role of socialization has been largely overlooked in this debate. In this book, Vila-Henninger develops a model of how culture affects action called “The Sociological Dual-Process Model of Outcomes” that incorporates socialization.
This book contributes to the debate by first providing a critical overview of the literature that explains the limitations of the sociological dual-process model and subsequent scholarship—and especially work in sociology on “schemas”. It then develops a sociological dual-process model of moral judgment that formally explains Type I processes, Type II processes, and the interaction between Type I and Type II processes. The book also expands sociological dual-process models to include a temporal dimension—the "Sociological Dual-Process Model of Outcomes". Finally, the book integrates a theory of socialization into the sociological dual-process model and creates empirical indicators that confirm Vila-Henninger’s theorization and contribute to the literature on measures of dual-process models. 

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ISBN 9783030882778
Ausgabe 1st ed. 2021
Erscheinungsdatum 30.11.2021
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Genre Soziologie/Soziologische Theorien
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