Western Multinational Corporations in Latin America

Conflating Capitalisms and Institutional Dynamics of Inter-systemic Actor Exchange
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This book advances the debate on socio-economic development and multinational corporations (MNCs). It provides an actor-centered perspective and develops the framework called ‘Conflating Capitalisms’ that allows for a better understanding of both MNC-induced institutional change in the host country and the subsequent impact on local development.
The book uses the empirical case of Western MNCs in Latin America. It applies a sequential mixed-method design, including a large-scale elite survey on corporate behavior and in-depth, semi-structured interviews with local decision-makers on the institutionalization of German dual vocational training (DVT) in Brazil.The book presents strong evidence for both behavioral contradiction in the host country - with MNCs showing alien-to-the-system behavior - and subsequent actor-induced institutional change, with varied developmental impact. Additionally, the book offers novel insights into MNCs’ handling of missing complementary institutions and the institutionalization process of coordinated practices in Latin America.
This book appeals to scholars, students, and practitioners who are interested in advancing the field of development and MNCs.

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ReiheContributions to Economics
ISBN 9783030938048
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Ausgabe 1st ed. 2022
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