Avoiding Questionable Research Practices in Applied Psychology

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This authoritative volume presents a detailed analysis of the replication crisis and the use of questionable research practices (QRPs) in psychology, as well as recommended practices for combatting these problems. Ultimately, the book aims to provide a comprehensive, current, and accessible account of the adverse effects of QRPs.The replication crisis in psychology and allied fields has exposed critical flaws in the standard views of research methods, which allow for extensive flexibility in data analysis by investigators and permit the widespread use of QRPs. Chapters examine the intentional use of QRPs such as data fabrication and falsification, along with subtler, unintentional practices such as p-hacking and HARKING (hypothesizing after results are known). Drawing on the growing awareness of these problems, contributors also highlight potential strategies to detect QRPs and minimize their negative impact through open data practices, preregistration of hypotheses and analyses, and adversarial collaborations, in which investigators holding opposing positions on a scientific issue agree to work together on a study in an effort to counteract their respective biases. Among the topics covered:
History of controversies in statistics and replication
Embracing intellectual humility while designing research
Confirmatory vs. exploratory analyses
Publication bias and negative results

Promoting honest and transparent report writing

Avoiding Questionable Research Practices in Applied Psychology provides a deeper understanding of how QRPs impede the reliability and trustworthiness of findings in psychology and the social sciences. It will be a practical, useful resource for students and instructors in graduate and advanced undergraduate level research methods classes, along with psychological researchers interested in improving their own research. 

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