Absolute Therapeutic Medical Physics Review

Questions and Detailed Answers
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This book is a comprehensive study guide for the therapeutic medical physicist pursuing initial board certification and those participating in continuing education. Medical physics is an evolving field as a result of rapidly developing technology and the focus on evidence-based care in radiation oncology. Recently, the certification body has mandated an online question and answer system to allow practicing physicist to receive continuing education credits.  The questions are designed to test the walking around knowledge of the clinical physicist.  Many physicists specialize in specific treatment modalities, thus limiting their exposure to other areas of clinical physics.  This handbook allows these physicists to stay up-to-date and satisfy the requirements of the certification body.
The text is divided into 2 main sections: Questions & Detailed Answers. Question chapters are divided by the ABR content guide and are composed of 15-35 questions. Questions are primarily multiple choice in nature with 4-5 possible answers, but there are also matching questions. Questions review the scope of medical physics, spanning from medical physics theories to day-to-day applications in clinic.  The questions and detailed answers will be set in such a way to address most relevant and commonly tested topics of dosimetry, treatment machine, treatment planning, protection, radiobiology, radiation safety and professionalism and ethics. The questions will most closely fit to what is done in clinical practice. Detailed answers not only explain the correct answer, but also discuss the erroneous remaining answers with the appropriate citation of the most recent protocols, guidelines, publications and task group recommendations.
This is an ideal study guide for therapeutic medical physicists in training and in practice, who need to pass a written board examination or prepare themselves for their continuing education requirements.

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