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Guy de Cointet (American, b. France, 1934–1983) was fascinated with language, which he explored primarily through performance and drawing. His practice involved collecting random phrases, words, and even single letters from popular culture and literary sources—he often cited Raymond Roussel's novel "Impressions of Africa" as major influence—and inserting these elements into non-linear narratives, later presented as plays to an audience.
De Cointet is recognized as one of the most important, if overlooked figures of the 1970s Conceptual art in California, having strongly influenced a number of prominent artists associated with the Los Angeles artistic scene, including Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley, for whom both drawing and performance figure weigh significantly in their artistic practices. This reference monograph gathers together a large number of works, performance photographs, and documents, and includes a retropsective essay by art historian Marie de Brugerolle, as well as a preface by Larry Bell, a friend of the artist, and an afterword by psychoanalyst Gérard Wajcman. First published in 2011, it is newly available in a revised edition. Published with the Estate of Guy de Cointet.

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