Pulp and Paper Chemistry and Technology / Pulping Chemistry and Technology

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This four volume set covers the entire spectrum of pulp and paper chemistry and technology from starting material to processes and products including market demands. This work is essential for all students of wood science and a useful reference for those working in the pulp and paper industry or on the chemistry of renewable resources. Volume 2 focuses on creating an understanding of the chemical and technical processes involved in the production of pulp. The work treats wood handling, i.e. barking, chipping , storage and screening processes, chemistry and technology during mechanical and chemical pulp production, including pulping and bleaching chemistry and technology, production of bleaching chemicals at the mill, recovery processes, including the treatment and burning of black liquor and the white liquor preparation plant, paper recycling processes, changes in structure and properties of wood polymers and pulps in the pulping process line, description of the equipment and processes involved in the manufacturing of pulp, pulp characterization, including methods available to evaluate pulp properties, end-product requirements.

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