Technology Business Incubators in India

Structure, Role and Performance
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Why do Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) emerge rapidly as an instrument of start-up promotion in emerging economies like India? In what forms? What role do they play in start-up promotion? What are their major achievements? These questions have been answered empirically in this book. Accordingly, this book explores the nature, structure and process of incubation resulting in start-up generation and in the process, R&D contribution emerging from TBIs comprising accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces in three of the leading start-up hubs, namely, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, in India. It describes typology, objectives, sponsors, and facilities provided by these TBIs. It further explores the process of selection, incubation and graduation of start-ups as it exists in these TBIs. Thereafter, it makes an assessment of R&D contributions that have emerged from the TBIs in the form of R&D inputs comprising personnel and capital expenditure, and R&D output in the form of new products/services developed, patent applications filed and revenue generated. Policy makers, researchers, engineering and management students, technology and business mentors, angels, venture capitalists, and MNC executives will find this book informative, revealing and a source of valuable insights on the new, emerging India.

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