On Point Advanced English (C1)

Advanced English. Student’s Book + audios + videos online
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On Point is a clear and easy-to-follow course for students and teachers.

Engaging topics and activities, relevant to students’ lives
In-depth grammar, vocabulary and skills syllabus
A clear presentation, practice, production structure to lessons
Integrated video lessons
All audios, videos and flash cards on the DELTA Augmented app or online
Extra practice for students in the Workbook
Additional support for teachers in the Teacher’s Book

Mehr Informationen
ReiheOn Point
ISBN 9783125012783
Erscheinungsdatum 26.11.2021
Umfang 160 Seiten
Genre Schule, Lernen/Erwachsenenbildung, Volkshochschule/VHS, Kursmaterialien Sprache
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Delta Publishing by Klett