Mut zum Lampenfieber
Mentale Strategien für Musiker zur Bewältigung von Auftritts- und Prüfungsangst

von Gerhard Mantel

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Verlag: Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag
Format: Taschenbuch
Genre: Ratgeber/Lebenshilfe, Alltag/Praktische Anleitungen
Umfang: 240 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.06.2003

Kurzbeschreibung des Verlags:

Stage fright…! For many people, this word is tantamount to fear, paralysis, threat. And for many a highly talented musician, it was the reason to give up their wish to become a professional performing artist. But: Doesn't stage fright have 'its good points' too? Is it possible to turn the paralyzing form of stage fright into a positive variant? In his book, Gerhard Mantel mentions the reasons for stage fright and describes strategies of how to achieve confidence on the stage – without falling back on 'simple tricks'. The most important aspects are summed up in checklists at the end of each chapter. This book is aimed at understanding better 'my personal form of stage fright – my stage fright profile' and overcoming it in a creative manner. The instrumentalization of stage fright as artistic stimulation brings confidence, self-assurance and a better quality of life.

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