Challenges of Modern Society from Different Perspectives – New Issues

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The monograph entitled „Challenges of Modern Society from Different Perspectives – New Issues“, written in English, consists of 13 independent chapters written in the structure of empirical scientific articles. They include a summary, keywords, theoretical introduction, methodology, research results with discussion and conclusion, and literature. The authors are from Slovenia and abroad. They are recognized, already established researchers and their colleagues who are just establishing themselves in their academic careers. The monograph is interdisciplinary. It includes chapters from psychology, pedagogy, didactics, special didactics, health sciences and economics. The contents are placed in the context of health, work organization, education and development of children developing normatively or having special needs. The authors highlight current topics; some are also related to the challenges and problems that arised during an epidemic of a new coronavirus (e.g., distance learning, patients ’right to information). Other topics discussed (I classify them by areas) are: a) burnout of health professionals; violence against healthcare professionals by patients, their relatives, colleagues, etc.; b) parents’ opinions on the inclusion of children with special needs in kindergartens; the link between educational styles and the development of social skills in preschool children; strategies for self-regulation of learning in primary school students; the support that primary school students receive from teachers; motor and physical development of young musicians; use of public money in higher education; c) social pedagogy for adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems; d) the expectations of young people regarding education in organizations and the role of the size of the organization in human resource management. The text is based on the use of numerous, contemporary and relevant literature by domestic and foreign authors. I believe that the monograph represents an important and original scientific contribution to the mentioned scientific fields and represents important material for further research work and study material for professionals in the fields of education, health, social work, inclusive education and human resources. The challenges, problems and, above all, guidelines for solving these problems, highlighted in the monograph, should also be well known in current politics.

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