Health Care Through Various Aspects of Social Action

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The monograph entitled “Health care through various aspects of social action” touches on research findings that find a common ground in the studies that are protecting our health. Initially, it gives insight into the results of a study that analyses the health and problems of students related to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most universities were forced to switch to online distance learning.
In the following chapter, it presents the findings concerning the analysis of air quality in one of the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is characterized by a variety of health-problematic emissions of gases into the atmosphere.
The monograph later serves us with a study aimed at determining the content of acrylamide as one of the possible contaminants of food in the school diet. Studying the awareness of importance of playing sports as an element of maintaining health in life is the next interesting topic in the monograph. In this part, the authors were interested in the attitude of Slovenian and Finnish students towards sports, whether they played sports as children and whether they intend to do so as an adults. An analysis of the importance of social relations among children and how to firmly place social relations in the learning process is the next chapter, which provides targeted approaches to place more emphasis on social relations in creating a healthy school environment.
In the following, the monograph touches on the issue of self-sufficiency from the point of view of crop production and food waste. The research offers findings that we are still far from the limit of a safe level of food self-sufficiency. That is why ensuring food security should be one of our most important tasks.
The next chapter focuses on a comparative analysis of identifying possible mechanisms for detecting musculoskeletal risks in young musicians at the beginning of their music education, which can undoubtedly be an interesting segment of the new research field. The following contribution defines the risk assessment in the production of food products. In this analysis, it is explained the use of relative values of crop statistics and individual climate data.
Finally, an interesting linear programming model for calculating the optimal crop rotation structure in the production process of an individual crop is presented. It can be concluded that reading the monograph offers the reader an interesting insight into some new findings that are presented from different angles. The findings remind us how fragile our health is and what else we can do to protect and improve it.

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