Studies of Environmental Issues Through the Prism of Integration into the Wider Environment

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The scientific monograph, entitled „Studies of environmental issues through the prism of integration into the wider environment“, discusses various research views on environmental issues, which in their broad scope touch on various areas of our social activity. In the monograph it can be read about pollen, which is not only one of the most important particles of biological origin present in the air, but can also act as a pollutant in the air.
In the following chapter, it presents interesting research findings that touch on the study of the impact of agricultural policy on changing the intensity of the approach that affects the preservation of the cultural landscape, presents the results of research aimed at studying noise by analysing the consequences of such exposures. The study of the impact of air pollution on the occurrence of cancer in the area of one of the cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the next interesting topic in the monograph, which surprises with the proven actual impact of air pollution on the development of this deadly disease.
The next chapter then offers an insight into the research results of the economic simulation model of milk production on farms located in less-favoured areas. Research on the impact of morphological characteristics on students’ physical fitness in terms of the Ecological Model of Sports Lifestyle is the next interesting topic, supplemented by a paper that further confirms the fact that attitudes towards outdoor activities and the natural environment are important factors for greater environmental sensitivity. This is followed by a paper defining the sustainability coefficient of urban open space lighting as a subjective quantitative average for estimating the similarity of illuminance and perceived illuminance intensity.
This chapter is followed by an analysis of field testing of the effectiveness of various weed control systems, which may be less environmentally problematic. The concluding chapter in the monograph touches on the description of the action of photocatalysis as a potential tool against global warming, with emphasis on the study of methane reduction in municipal landfills. Taken as a whole, the present monograph offers many new research findings, but at the same time it opens up many new questions, which today strongly co-shape our social functioning in the wider community.

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