Contemporary Issues in Education 2021

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The monograph Contemporary Issues in Education 2021 presents the research conducted in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia in variety of fields. In the first chapter, PhD Š. Bjlopoljak and MSc A. Midžić have examined relationship between protective factors and burnout of professional associates in educational work and emphasize the need for organizational strategies to cope with occupational stress.
The second chapter is authored by V. and V. Colić that have focused on the need for financial literacy, a combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to make sound financial decision, which de facto do contribute to the individual financial well-being as researched in future preschool teachers. This chapter is followed by the chapter authored by M. Janković et al. that have examined the green urban areas as children’s playgrounds from the perspective of preschool teachers and parents.
In the fourth chapter, PhD J. Kovač and PhD D. Antolin Drešar report the findings of the study that has investigated distance learning during the COVID-19 from the perspective of university students and highlight the benefits as well as shortcomings of changed educational environment. The following chapter is authored by M. Matović, S. Lazić and T. Radovanović who discuss the dynamics of changes in the preschool educational system, especially the music and development of the practical skills that it enables.
In the seventh chapter, B. Milošević et al. have reported the findings that more than 70% of preschool children use the smartphones and that the parents and educators should direct children as much as possible to spend time in various outdoor activities.
The last chapter is followed by N. Mulaosmanović who presents advantages and disadvantages of online teaching during pandemic. The research conducted among adolescent in Canton Tuzla (BiH) shows that students equally emphasize positive and negative attributes of online teaching. In general, suggestions for improving distance learning include reducing the number of assignments and materials, asking for clearer instructions, and more video transmission of lectures. The chapter is finished by a clear call for the guidelines to improve online teaching.

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