Mindful Leader

How to take the lead on your life and let serenity guide you down the path of success
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Who wouldn’t want to be more focused and relaxed at work? With the tools in the Salzburg Mindfulness Model, you can reboot the way you manage yourself and your team. Mindfulness and meditation can help you adjust your mind to the stress and speed of modern life – and this book will show you how. Between them, Esther and Johannes Narbeshuber have a wealth of management and mindfulness expertise, as well as plenty of practical tips for mindful communications, mindful meetings and digital mindfulness that you can apply on your own and in your team.
Their approach is based on the latest neurological and brain research and will teach you how to change ingrained neurological patterns and manage yourself and others more effectively. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the self-management and social skills they’ll teach you will be crucial for success in the modern world of work.

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